Saturday, 24 April 2010

Forgotten Spaces Competition RIBA

For the Forgotten Spaces competition I submitted a proposal called 'Back to Nature' which was based on a site located in Battersea on Nine Elms Lane. The proposal was all about returning agriculture back to Battersea by creating an urban farm and a pick your own scheme on a 500m long site.

Site plan

'Pick your own'

Apple orchard

Mixed fruit orchard

'Pick your own'

Poultry and pig enclosure

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Sydney Habour bridge walk

The Cat Hill walk starts at the Botanic Gardens and ends at Milson Point. The walk takes 30 mins from the Botanic Gardens at Circular Quay to the other side of Sydney Harbour Bridge and Milsons Point. We started climbing a staircase to a walkway that overlooks Circular Quay and Sydney Opera House. We continued walking along to the Rocks, veiwing the old parts of the city. Next we walked across the bridge parallel to the cars and double decker trains, with veiws along the river. Then we descended into Milson Point.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Bondi to Coogi

I was told the best day to go to Bondi was Friday i.e. best tanning potential. So I woke Friday morning to heavy rain clouds ready to burst, with no choice but to go as we were leaving the next day. Bondi, here I come!
I arrived on Bondi beach with strong winds and drizzle in the air. The water temp was 21.5 C and air temp 23 C, minus the wind. So instead of tanning, a 2hr cliff walk from Bondi to Coogi beckoned. The walk was really good, there were great views and really interesting cliff erosion creating dramatic coastal formations. I walked through several beach bays, a graveyard, nature reserve and ended in the seaside town of Coogi.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

MCA Sydney

I visted the Museum of Contemporary Art just missing the show I wanted to see, 'TAKE YOUR TIME' BY OLAFUR ELIASSON, but instead I saw 'SYLVIE BLOCHER: WHAT IS MISSING?', a video artist, and 'WE CALL THEM PIRATES OUT HERE: MCA COLLECTION SELECTED' BY DAVID ELLIOTT, displaying a variety of works from sculpture to photography, and another exhibition 'ALMANAC' THE GIFT OF ANN LEWIS AO.

'A More Perfect Day' 2009 part of 'SYLVIE BLOCHER: WHAT IS MISSING?'

'The Lure of Paris #5' 1994 by Stephen Bush part of 'WE CALL THEM PIRATES OUT HERE: MCA COLLECTION SELECTED'


Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Manly and Shell Beach

From Circular Quay we took a ferry to Manly beach where we had amazing fish and chips whilst watching the surfers. We then walked onto Shell Beach, named because it is made of crushed shell. We left when the sun set so we could view Sydney lit up.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Tasmania: Bruny Island

We took a ferry over from Taz to Bruny Island, drove west down Bruny to Adventure Bay where we parked up and prepared for the 3hr hike up the Fluted Cape. The hike started on the beach and then entered a nature reserve where we saw wild wallabies and stumbled across a bay where there were hundreds of towers of stones. Then the hike began. The Fluted Cape is 272m above sea level, our starting point. The hike had a steep incline, grabbing on to rocks and trees for support on the loose ground and for rests in the 25c heat. The views along the hike were spectacular with sheer drops to the sea below. The view at the top of the Fluted Cape was best of all with the possibility of whale watching. The journey down the cape was much easier and had the reward of lunch when we reached the bottom. We then visited Penguin Rookery on the way back to the ferry.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Tas: Snug Falls

Snug Falls was the goal at the end of a walk down a fern lined gully that lead to a waterfall. The walk took you through a forest, climbing under fallen trees that cover the narrow path. When we arrived at the waterfall it was very dramatic with angular rocks cutting the waters edge and a fallen tree trapped between the waterfall and the rocks in the pool. Following the stream from the waterfall there were plateaus of rocks and boulders to jump upon and go deeper into the forest.